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    style formatting

    Is there a style setup for already for formatting a doc that has headings as follows: Heading 1 = I Heading 2 = A (indented 5), Heading 3 = 1 (indented 5 more)....
    Problem is when I get to II and format for Heading 2 it continues with B, C or whatever when I need it to start at A in each Heading 1......
    I am having trouble creating my own style and can't find step by step instructions....
    Would appreciate any help or a formatted style
    Got to finish my paper by Tuesday. Thanks much.

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    Re: style formatting

    If I understand you correctly, you're looking for an Outline Numbered style. Right click & choose Bullets & Numbering. Click the Outline numbered tab. Choose the one that you want. If it's not exactly what you need, you can Customize each level (click the customize button). You can then set each level the way you want.

    You will also notice in the Customize dialog box, there is a place to put a checkmark for "restart numbering after". For each level, you would choose the previous level for that box. i.e. level 2 (A, B, C) will restart after each level 1 (1,2, etc.).

    Hope this helps.

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