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    Outlook XP failing to dial in

    Under Outlook 2000, when I clicked Send/Receive while offline, Outlook dialled in to my ISP (using the connection I had previously specified) and then used it to send and receive. In XP it's failing to do so, despite my having specified a connection. Yet if I activate the connection manually before clicking Send/Receive, all works fine. I have a utility that lets me see what my ISDN card is doing, and it transpires that it is dialling the right number, but somehow the login process is failing.

    Anyone had a similar prob., or know the answer?


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    Re: Outlook XP failing to dial in

    I've had the same annoying problem -- although one out of every 4 or 5 times it will work, I can virtually count on numerous failures to connect. I'd love to learn of a solution, because I've liked the minimal on-line/automatic hang-up routine I used to enjoy.

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