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    Versioning and Send as attachment (2000/SR1a)

    Wonder if anybody else has encountered this...

    Create a document that has some Word's versions included. From the File-SendTo command select To Recipient (as Attachment). You should notice that the person who receives this document although the doc is marked as having versions included (little icon in status bar) but if you go to Versions dialog they have all disappeared. Attaching via Outlook (or other mail client) the versions are intact. Is this another bug with Word/Outlook interaction?

    Any help or suggestions most welcome as our firm is going to customise this versioning engine to suit its needs and this seems like a major pitfall to me.

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    Re: Versioning and Send as attachment (2000/SR1a)

    First, the Versions feature is a major source of <A target="_blank" HREF=> document corruption</A>. I would recommend that you not use it, but rather create dated backup copies.

    Second, the bug is probably that the received copy still implies that it has the versions, rather than that they are not included. Most people when they email documents do not want prior versions included. It (1) makes the email much larger and (2) may very well disclose confidential information not intended to be seen by the recipient. This second point is a part of the general problem known as Word <A target="_blank" HREF=> MetaData</A>. Don't know for sure, but I expect and hope that the stripping of the versions was intended by Microsoft (although not documented).
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    Re: Versioning and Send as attachment (2000/SR1a)

    Thanks for the warning.

    To be honest having used Word for sometime now and seeing many oversights by Microsoft my gut reaction is that they got this wrong. If a document contains versions and you want to email that document it should contain the versions because that is the document (by design). I understand why most people would like the versions remove for the reason you state but it just adds to confusion especially when it is undocumented feature (not for the first time I feel abliged to add).

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