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    Master Documents (WORD '03)

    I need to take several documents and reunite them into one Master document.
    THE reason I've broken the original into 7 separate documents is that it was sooo long -- 800+ pages.
    I have no experience wtih Master Documents, though just had a conversation with another senior developer at my office (who also writes documents) and he says that he's had nothing but bad experiences....
    Help is Most Appreciated.

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    Re: Master Documents (WORD '03)

    The master documents feature was so buggy in older versions of Word that - according to rumor - even Microsoft employees refused to use it. But it has become a little bit more stable with each new version of Word.
    Fellow moderator <!profile=StuartR>StuartR<!/profile> says that using the master document feature is safe if you NEVER edit the subdocuments from within the master document. If you need to edit a subdocument, open it by itself, edit it and save it. Use the master document only for printing.

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