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    Select Query Form not maximizing (97)

    I use a custom start up form that just allows report selection. When the report is selected a select query form is opened with selection combo boxes when the print preview button is selected the form has to stay opened to run the report. After closing the report the form is only 3/4 size and there are no menu or tool bar items available for resizing. I have tried a macro on the report closing event and also on the got focus on the form to maximize but no joy. Ideas please.

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    Re: Select Query Form not maximizing (97)

    Are you resizing the report or the form in code? I generally maximize my reports in print preview using DoCmd.Maximize in the report's Open event and a DoCmd.Restore in its Close event to return everything else to normal. As for the form, it sounds like you've set it up as a dialog, so the DoCmd.Restore in the report should fix it. Are you hiding the form while the report runs and, if so, what code are you using to unhide it?

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    Re: Select Query Form not maximizing (97)

    Changed from using macro to the code you suggested had also to set center form property to yes and all sweet. Thanks charlotte.

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