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    balloon icon (6.0)

    i guess thats what they are called......we have a program that we want to make the balloon text box that appears when we put the pointer over a persons name stay longer or up until we move the mouse shows some info we need to copy but the box goes away in 3 or 4 seconds, i know you can move the currser back over to bring it up again. Is this possible, to change the tome it appears.

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    Re: balloon icon (6.0)

    The built-in functionality for the TITLE attribute is limited. To see how fancy you can get, check out the pop-up you get for Netflix listings. I don't know whether you have to register, but you can visit and watch what happens when you hover over a title.'s A9 search engine is somewhat similar, offering a pop-up with Alexa information: lounge (hover over the Site Info image). All of these use JavaScript, and you can check out the scripts on those sites or look around the web for others.

    Added: In the above comment I assumed you have control over the the web page. If you can't edit the page, then this doesn't help. Sorry!

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