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    E-Mail accounts (Outlook 2003)

    Hi All,

    I have a re-occuring problem that we cant seem to stop. I have Outlook 2003, we have Small Business Server 2003, with Exchange. The problem is at least once to twice a day, the incoming mail server information stored in my email account will change from our mail server path to the words "Localhost", also it adds the mail server path to the end of my username. See the attached screen shot. A friend of mine thinks it the anti-virus software we use. We use Trend Micro client/server Security Agent.

    Anyone ever come across this?

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    Re: E-Mail accounts (Outlook 2003)

    Trend Micro CSA lets you optionally install a POP3 mail filter. The program also has an anti-hacking feature that checks to make sure its executables hasn't been unloaded or disabled. Thus, it's a good lead.

    If you do not have access to the POP3 filter settings on your computer (check the console for a Mail Scan tab), then the settings on the server might need to be adjusted (either to give you that tab or simply to turn off the feature).

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