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    Would like to Save some time (XP and 2003)

    I have a fairly comprehensive manual I have written which contains a large technical schedule. In teh tech schedule I have used Heading 3 to define the start of each products write up. I am trying to extract these headers only so that I have a list of photos required to be taken.

    I thought I could put the document in Outline view and copy the headings straight across - but of course this brings all the document across not just the heading. Anyone got a suggestion?

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    Re: Would like to Save some time (XP and 2003)

    You can create a bookmark that covers the schedule, and then create a Table Of Contents that has entries that are just Level 3 headings covered by that bookmark.
    If your bookmark is called Test then this will do the trick
    { TOC o "3-3" b "Test" }

    (Use Control-F9 to insert the { and } characters).


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