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    Shifted enlarged screen when projected (PowerPoint 2003)

    This question is for a peer instructor who I have no answer for. They created a nice presentation, and it shows on the projector if run from a computer with a 17" flat default screen (square)...but when run through the projector from his laptop (17" wide screen), the whole slideshow shifts to the right...leaving a black block on the left and this of course makes 1/4 of his slide (on the right hand side not visible). Any ideas...I've tried the resolution, I thought it was CTRL, ALT and F12 which might have him zoomed in, (it wasn't)....(We've tried to different projectors in two different rooms)....I'm up for a shot at any idea right now.
    Will post an example of a couple of his slides within the show...the first 4-5, as the total presentation is to large to send. I don't know as it's in the presentation (the problem)...I still think it has something to with a setting on his laptop...but am sending it anyway.

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    Re: Shifted enlarged screen when projected (2003)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 03-Mar-06 11:19. )</P>PowerPoint usually is amazingly adept at adapting a presentation to an output device. With my widescreen laptop (1280x800), PPT gives the projector priority, so my laptop screen shows the presentation "stretched" unattractively from 1024x768 to 1280x800, while the projector receives the perfect 1024x768 output it wants. How do they do it?? Unfortunately, I don't know. If the few "page setup" and "optimize for" settings that PowerPoint offers don't help, I think you might have to dig into Windows' and the display chipset's settings to see whether there is a driver/configuration problem with the external display.

    Added: I think you said you tried it, but the file still has "Use Current Resolution" under SlideShow > Set up show, which you might change to 1024x768 (assuming a relatively recent vintage XGA projector).

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