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    Cross Checking Access Tables (Access 2003)

    I have three tables, table A, table B, and table C. The conact id's from table A are used to identify the people in table B and table C. How do I get access to give me a list of everyone who is in table B, but not table C?

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    Re: Cross Checking Access Tables (Access 2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    You can use the Find Unmatched Query Wizard for this:
    - Activate the Queries section of the database window.
    - Click the New button in the toolbar of the database window.
    - Select Find Unmatched Query Wizard and click OK.
    - In the first step of the wizard, select Table B, then click Next.
    - In the second step, select Table B, then click Next.
    - In the third step, specify the Contact ID field as field to join on (Access has probably already done so), then click Next.
    - In the fourth step, specify which other fields from Table B you want to display, then click Next.
    - In the last step, specify a name for the query (or accept the one proposed by Access), then click Finish.

    If you want to display info from Table A for the contacts, create a new query based on Table A and the query you just created.
    Join them on the Contact ID field.
    Add the fields from Table A you want to display.

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