Hello all!!!

Lately I was having issues with my machine. Been years since I formatted. Finally after receiving a few blue screens I decided it was the time. I had baked-up my .dbx file messages in OE to a separate drive as with other important data. I dived in to the format. After all was said and done none of the .dbx files worked!!! I checked in Google to see if I was doing something wrong. All looked fairly straightforward except there was one tip about they might be read only, nope mine aren't. Since I had a fresh copy of everything I did transfer my old .dbx files to a desktop folder, where there still sit. I did try the import messages from File and it said it was successful, but nothing. I tried to drag & drop into the new message store, nothing. I even removed all the new files and replaced them with my old ones, no go.

Have I lost this info for good? Did I not b/u correctly? I could sure use some help here. Thanks in advance. Rich