Hi. I'm having trouble getting a Hierarchical FlexGrid to update what it shows when the underlying data is updated.

I show a HFlexGrid on a form (using just as datagrid - getting data from a dataenvironment, de1, and a command, qCommand say). Clicking on a row brings up another form allowing (amongst other things) the user to delete the row data, ie table entry. So I code:
With de1
.qdDoc MyData.DocName
.qdSearchWords MyData.DocName
.qdTeamDocs MyData.DocName
End With
Unload Me

Essentially, after deleting the entry in the table, I requery the command qCommand. So the data should be updated, no?

The Activate event of the first form, which is then returned to, states:
With de1.rsqCommand
If .State Then .Close
End With
With flex1
Set .DataSource = de1
.DataMember = "qCommand"
End With

Yes, I know, I'm requerying again - been requerying everywhere! Even with all that, the HFlexGrid does NOT update to show that the data has been deleted. I have to end the whole application, restart it and show the first form again before the HFlexGrid shows without the deleted data.

What am I doing wrong - or not doing right?