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    What's this dialog box (W2K SR-1)

    When I print documents created from a Word97 template, after I click OK in the printer dialog box, I get this second dialog box with the document name and cancel and ok buttons. This dialog prevents the document screen from refreshing and seems to have no other effect on printing or difference whether I choose ok or cancel--the document still prints normally. Anyone know what it is?
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    Re: What's this dialog box (W2K SR-1)

    The dialog box shown is a prompt for user input. It can be generated within a macro with the InputBox$ function. It can also be generated by the Ask or Fillin mail merge fields (most likely the culprit in this case). Apparently, you have the option set to update fields when printing, and that is why the dialog box appears when it does.

    Evidently, the creator of the template neglected to enter the prompt information. The text shown within the box is the "default text", which can be overwritten by the user.
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