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    Calender Views (Outlook 2000)

    I have created a view which is how i want it, but i have both one-off and reccuring appointments showing in my view, and the reccuring ones display with the start date in the past not the one now coming up.
    e.g. christmas day, shows up as 25th Dec 2005, even though it has already passed and we now want 25th December 2006 to show.
    Is it possible to do this?
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    Re: Calender Views (Outlook 2000)

    Is your preferred view a table view? Not sure about OL2000, but in OL2003, right click the table headers, select the Field Chooser, select "Date/Time fields", drag "Start" to your header, and drag "Recurrence Range Start" off the header. If you can do that in OL2000, does it show what you want?
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