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    Updating document from tracked changes (WORD '03)

    I am regularly getting documents that have been updated/enhanced by developers.
    The TOC and TOF are changed (each line).
    Is there a one fell swoop way to accept all to the TOC and TOF changes w/ out accepting the rest of the document changes that I'd prefer to see indivudually?
    Or, does it just make more sense to IGNORE the changes to the TOC and TOF at the review start and simply update them after I've accepted/rejected the following lines/content changes?

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    Re: Updating document from tracked changes (WORD '

    If the document isn't protected, you could turn off tracking, select and update the TOC (and TOF?), update the field, then turn tracking back on.

    Also, it probably is possible to constrain Accept All to the current selection, but I haven't experimented with that. (In Word 2002, I added the old Accept and Reject chnges dialog to a toolbar for quick access. Not sure what Word 2003 offers.)

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    Re: Updating document from tracked changes (WORD '03)

    As Jefferson has pointed out, if you turn off revision tracking and update the TOC and TOF then all the tracked revisions disappear from there. I usually select the entire document to update the fields since I also don't want to review any field updates in the document (eg Caption Numbers). Word tends to build up useless tracked revisions when the document is tracking revisions and fields are updated.
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