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    Scanned Form (Word 200)

    I scanned a form and was able to open it in word but I am unable to type the information in it that I need to. Is there any way to be able to do this?

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    Re: Scanned Form (Word 200)

    Unless you used some sort of optical character recognition (OCR) software, all you have in Word is a graphic representation of the form. You cannot type in the graphic (at least without a lot of work).

    Suggest you process the image through OCR software to convert it to a usable format.
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    Re: Scanned Form (Word 200)

    I'm not sure if you plan on printing what you type onto the preprinted form or just reproducing the whole thing. If you are reproducing the whole thing, you'll probably be better off setting it up as an actual Word document. Use frames and tables liberally for your setup. The following may help either way.

    Some thoughts on scanning form to layout for printing on preprinted forms ...

    1) Scan the form in low resolution (92dpi should be sufficient) b/w and save as bmp .
    2) In Word, create a new template for the form.
    3) Insert the picture using - link to option (this will require that template and picture keep same relative file paths but will save lots of disk space). Best to have picture in the same directory as your template. Position picture (wrapping) to "behind text"
    4) Size and position picture so that it prints out right on top of preprinted form. You can print initial runs on blank paper and just hold on top of each other in front of light to compare.
    5) Set print option to not print drawing objects.
    6) Insert a frame to hold your first form field.
    7) Insert form field using forms toolbar.
    8) Repeat 6 & 7 as needed except REF fields for any repeated information.
    9) You may be able to use borderless tables instead of frames to hold some or all of your fields. Make sure to format the cells to have a fixed height & width. See <A target="_blank" HREF=> I'm designing a form that needs to have
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