About 4-5 weeks ago, I finally upgraded to Office 2000 SR1 on my work PC (correct - 2000, not XP; this is a corporate environment). I did a custom install, as I do for all products. The PC is networked on a LAN.

Prior to that with Office 97, I never had a problem with IE 5.x (not sure which version I have at work but I'm not there now and it would probably crash before I could get even this far).

A few days after I installed O2000, IE started crashing. I don't recall the version of IE 5.x, but our support folks had me install both 5.1 and 5.5 to trouble shoot the problem, but nothing helped (both crashed). This process would have included the requisite restarts of the system.

This went on for a few days. Netscape would crash also.

Then the problem went away. Hah!

A few days ago, IE 5.x started crashing again. Netscape seems to be OK.

Yesterday IE5.x was OK.

I'm not sure if I've detected a pattern. I use mostly Word from the Office suite. It seems that if Word is opened prior to IE, that is what causes the crash. If IE is opened first, it seems to be OK even if Word is opened later. Not sure if the same could be said about other Office 2000 components since I don't use them as much and didn't think of the pattern until I saw it with Word yesterday. But this doesn't make sense in light of the trouble shooting installs I did with our support people.

Any clues? Our support staff's answer is to unload and reload Office 2000. Does this seem useful?