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    Formatting fonts in drop-down form field (Office 2000)

    Hi Gang,
    I am making a form with drop-down fields where I want small caps. The rest of the text in the paragraph in small caps, when I select the field and look at the fonts it says small caps but the words appear in regular text. What can I do to fix this?
    Can I also convert numbers into text. The user would enter a number in field1 and field2 would get the same number but in text.

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    Re: Formatting fonts in drop-down form field (Office 2000)

    I don't think you can do anything about the dropdown form field - it ignores the small caps setting, even if you add a * charformat switch.
    (Do you really want an entire paragraph in small caps? <img src=/S/yikes.gif border=0 alt=yikes width=15 height=15>)

    If you have a form text field in which the user can enter numbers, note its bookmark name and tick its Calculate on Exit check box.
    Press Ctrl+F9 to insert field brackets where you want the number as text, and enter the name of the bookmark followed by a space and * CARDTEXT between the brackets:

    { Field1 * CARDTEXT }

    Press F9 to hide the field code and to update the field - it will disappear for the moment. Test by protecting the document for forms and entering a number in the text form field, then pressing Tab.

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