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    Network Printers Disappeared (Pro/SP2)

    Mid-morning, and after I had successfully printed several documents, all my printers disappeared. I attempted to print a document from Word and received an error message that there were no printers installed. I tried printing from Excel and also from a non-windows program, with the same result. Sure enough, checking my control panel reflected that there were no printers available. I don't have any local printers, however there should have been four networked printers(2 HP 4250s, an HP 2200 and an Imagistics IM4720), as well as Adobe pdf listed in my printers.

    I rebooted prior to reinstalling my printers, and everything appeared as it should be. But now I'm nervous. What could cause such an event, and is it a harbinger of worse to come?

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    Re: Network Printers Disappeared (Pro/SP2)

    Perhaps a temporary network glitch?

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