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    Final Showing MArkup (MOS 03)

    IWhen I receive a document from my partner, they show up compressed, looking like they are in a landscapre view, with about 2" of white space on the right. I also notice that his documents show up as Final showing markup.There is also a black line showing on the lft hand side. When I change that view to Original, that black line disappears, and the document looks normal. I then try to do a save as, and when I re-open the document it opens again in Final showing markup. I have cutomers that have called me and are telling me that they cannot even open the documents. I have been forced to print them into adobe, and then send them or post them on our crm. I would like to post one here, to show you exactly what I am talking about, but these are protected under an MNDA. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thanks John
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    Re: Final Showing MArkup (MOS 03)

    1) Your partner has apparently modified the document with track changes on. If you want to get rid of the revision markings, accept (or reject) all changes. There are buttons for this on the Reviewing toolbar.

    2) The wide margin on the right is probably because you display revisions and comments in balloons. You can turn this off in the Track Changes tab of Tools | Options...

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