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    HMS time data conversion (2000)

    I have data in cells that are in the colon time format (12:28:00 AM) is what the cell reads. I want to cnvert these hh:mm:ss data to decimal hours. I can't find a function in Excell that will do that -- what is the easiest way to do this?

    =TIMEVALUE() does NOT work

    BTW, if I delete the "AM" from the rear of the cell 'text' then Excell just puts it back on there again...


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    Re: HMS time data conversion (2000)

    Say A1 contains a time. In B1, enter the formula =24*A1, then set the number format for B1 to General, or to Number with 2 decimal places.

    Explanation: Excel internally stores times as fractions of 1 day. To convert to hours, multiply by 24 (the number of hours in one day).

    The AM is just the format, if you select A1 and select Format | Cells..., you can select another time format.

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