Hi all. I've been banging my head against the wall here, and would certainly appreciate a hand.

I'm working on a reasonably-sized org chart of 400 companies using the Org Chart US Units template & stencil. The source is an Excel sheet with a combination of entered text, numbers, and formulas. Some of the columns are used to modify the appearance of the shape instance, for example, if the parent company is A, then the outline is regular black. But if it's B, then the outline is blue. Or if another value is C, then the shape is a regular rectangle, but if it's D, the corners are rounded to become a rectangle.

I've made a number of changes in the master shapes in the document stencil. (In fact, I don't use the "official" stencil at all, and I really wish I could make it stop loading and filling my document stencil with shapes I don't want and haven't used each time I open the diagram.)

Imports are done by erasing all shapes on the current page and running Organization Chart --> Import Organization Data. Similar results occur if the Master Shape is copied into a new document and the process is repeated.

There's a fair bit of text in some of the shapes, so I want to increase their size. In the Document Stencil's copy of the Master Shape of Position, the formula for Height is SETATREF(User.Height). So I changed User.Height from 0.5 in*DropOnPageScale to 1 in*DropOnPageScale. The master window shows exactly what it should - a taller shape. When I save and update, none of the instances of Position grow in height. Checking a ShapeSheet indicates the User.Height cell still has the formula of 0.5 in*DropOnPageScale. This doesn't update even after the shapes are re-imported or fiddled with in the drawing window. (User.Width behaves similarly. I've set it to 1 in*DropOnPageScale in the ShapeSheet, but a random shape has the formula of 1 in*IF(AND(GetVal(User.DocShowPicture),GetVal(User. ShowPicture),GetVal(User.