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    Quck way to insert multiple blank rows (2000)

    what is the easiest way to insert a number of blanks rows say 15, as l need to do this in order to make room for the additional rows in each worksheet.
    I have to keep on doing this for every spreadsheet is there any way this can be automated?

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    Re: Quck way to insert multiple blank rows (2000)

    If you want to insert the same number of rows in the same position in multiple worksheets:

    1) Select the worksheets by clicking on the sheet tab of the first one and Shift+clicking on the sheet tab of the last one.
    2) You can add/remove individual sheets by Ctrl+clicking their sheet tabs.
    3) Click on the row number of the row above which you want to insert new rows.
    4) Drag down to select the required number of rows.
    5) Select Insert | Rows... or right-click and select Insert from the popup menu.

    While you have selected multiple sheets, everything you do will be applied to all selected sheets. Click on another sheet tab when you want to undo the multiple selection.

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