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    VBA Beginner (2003)

    I am new to VBA.

    I am creating a template that performs a number of checks on the formatting (and against a number of other rules) of data entered by other users. There are a number of fields and some times multiple checks for each field.

    The fields are columns and each new unique entry is a new row. I need to use a macro to perform the edit checks for every entry - but I don't know how many entries there will be.

    Could someone help with some very general code or a good website that shows how to perform a function while there are entries to perform on?

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    Re: VBA Beginner (2003)

    You may be able to use Data | Validation for some of the checks - see for example Description and examples of data validation in Excel.

    For more complex validation, you can use the Worksheet_Change event procedure. You'll find many examples if you search this forum.

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