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    Formatting part of a concatenated Field (Access 2003)


    Searched but didn't find anything like this one.

    I have a table with plant names in it. Common name and Latin name. In a report based partly on this table, I'd like the Latin name to be italicized and the common name normal. And, to save space, I'd like the concatenate the fields. But I have found that you can format a field, but not part of a field. Is is possible to do something like this:

    Common Name - Latin Name

    in one field? I tried the format function, but there doesn't seem to be any control for Italics.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Formatting part of a concatenated Field (Access 2003)

    The standard text box doesn't allow you to format part of its contents differently. There are "rich text" controls, but they are not standard, and they are a pain in the <img src=/w3timages/censored.gif alt=censored border=0> to work with. Putting two text boxes next to each other is your best bet.

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