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    Word97, Mail Merge, and the Macro Security patch (97 SR2)

    I've run into a problem with the recent "Macro Security Patch" for Word 97, referenced by MS01-028 and MS01-034.

    After installing this patch on several PCs with NT4 SP6, IE5.01 SP2, and Office 97 SR2, mail merge documents with Access as a data source don't work correctly if the Access database is on a LAN drive. In this instance, when you save and reopen them, you get the word "can't find data source dialog", and if you browse to the appropriate MDB file and select the source table/query, the dialog just comes up again and again, forever. Every time you open the document, you have to remove the mail merge info and recreate it.

    This doesn't happen with mail merge documents/databases on the local hard drive.

    If I roll back the patch by replacing the three included files with the previous versions, everything works again.

    Can anyone else reproduce this on a similar configuration?

    Any idea how to get around it?


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    Re: Word97, Mail Merge, and the Macro Security patch (97 SR2)

    No clue for you. But you've provided ample warning to me and others to be cautious about installing that patch.
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