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    Dellnet by MSN Mail Archives (IE (unknown))

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    I am trying to troubleshoot a computer in SC from a desk in CA. It was purchased in May 2001. It came with WinME as the OS and a 'free year' of DellNET by MSN internet access and mail. Archived email cannot be accessed on the computer.

    Can someone supply me the path to the folder that contains archived email that was downloaded using Dellnet by MSN?

    Is the file a plain text file like it is in Mozilla?

    I found this via Google:

    Just in time for the holidays, customers ordering a Dell Dimension or Inspiron will receive a one-year subscription to DellNet by MSN, a customized version of Microsoft's new MSN Explorer that will include Internet access.* MSN Explorer combines the best of MSN content and services -- including MSN Hotmail® Web-based e-mail service, MSN Search and MSN eShop -- with the best of Microsoft's Internet software -- such as Microsoft Internet Explorer browser software and the Microsoft® Windows Media(tm) Player. Those features enable Dell customers to easily configure settings for a personalized interface and Web experience. (There is more at the link.)

    My daughter believes that the setup did not expressly use Outlook or OE for email, but some 'hybrid.'


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    Re: Dellnet by MSN Mail Archives (IE (unknown))

    Could it be the same software that other Hotmail subscribers use? I don't know what that is, but it would provide more leads on finding information/files.

    Added: I recently watched a somewhat amusing movie (Aardvark'd: 12 Weeks with Geeks) about a group of interns that developed a computer service for people who want to assist others with their computer problems. The service has gone live; you can read about it here: Fog Creek Copilot - Learn More. Whether it is worth the price, I don't know, that's going to be a case-by-case decision. But if the person needing assistance doesn't have Windows XP or can't figure out Remote Assistance, it does provide a seemingly easy way to remote control their PC.

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