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    Word Hangs on Open (2002/SP3)

    Hi all,

    An internal customer has lots of developed shared documents. When opening several documents (one at a time) Word 2002 hangs. This occurs on several different Office XP pcs. The same documents open fine in Word 97 SR2 and Word 2003 (gold I'd guess).

    The helpdesk 'fixed' the problem initially by opening the document in Word 2003 and saving it and then sending it back to the customer.

    But as more documents are showing this problem we would like to fine a better solutions.

    This is all the info I have right now.

    Any ideas on what the problem might be; any fix.

    Thanks in advance.


    Jimmy Lee

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    Re: Word Hangs on Open (2002/SP3)

    Are all those documents based on the same template? If so, perhaps the template is slightly corrupt.

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