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    External hard drive enclosure

    In the Software forum, <!profile=bigaldoc>bigaldoc<!/profile> asked some questions about the use of a USB external drive <post#=564407>post 564407</post#>.

    In my reply to BigAl, I mentioned that I had an external enclosure that had both USB 2.0 and Firewire ports. I also mentioned that usage of the Firewire port was causing files to be corrupted when I was performing backups. The backup and file verification under TI flagged everything as being OK, but subsequent access to the external drive indicated that the entire contents of the drive were corrupt. When I attached the device via the USB 2.0 port, all was well.

    At this stage, the problem with using the Firewire port has been resolved and I just wanted to post the results in case other users could benefit from the experience.

    With the initial use of the Firewire port, System Information did not report the hard drive as being a Western Digital 160GB drive like it did when I used the USB 2.0 connection. It identified the drive as being a Prolific PL3507 Combo device. I initially thought that this was the problem (but it turned out to be not so) and so I switched to using the USB port.

    While researching the problem, I was able to discover that the PL3507 firmware was outdated in my Vantec NexStar 2 model NST-355UF external enclosure. I was able to acquire new firmware from the Vantec USA site, flashed the new firmware and can report that all is well.

    The other precaution I am also taking is to ensure that I invoke the "Safely Remove Hardware" feature in WinXP to disengage the external unit... before powering down the external unit.

    I have performed many tests backing up and restoring via the Firewire port and am pleased with the results. As a matter of interest, backing up my System drive (14.2GB of data on a 50GB logical unit) with True Image created a file of 8.5GB taking 14 minutes to backup and verify using the Firewire port. A similar backup and verify using the USB 2.0 port took 25 minutes.

    This still leaves me with a TI backup issue with my internal SATA drives that needed 83 minutes for the backup and verify process. But as stated in my response to BigAL, I was able to prove that the issue is not with TI but rather my SATA drivers.

    Anyway, I just wanted to provide an update on the problem I was having with the Firewire port on an external enclosure. All is well in that world.

    Cheers, Bob

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    Re: External hard drive enclosure

    And as I for one have been following YOUR adventure, I thank you for keeping us informed. Glad to hear you were able to successfully get the firewire problem resolved. Strange, the so-called "little" problems we computer users face every day, huh?

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