I am trying to create a task list that can be used by several people. I want it to look like the simple task list that is default in Outlook, except that I want to add fields. I have tried the forms design function, but it doesn't end up looking like the simple task list I want. So I have revised the existing task list itself. In both the Outlook Bar and the folders bar, my revised task list shows up, but I can't figure out any way to export its form. What I want is a task list with the following categories (format):

Icon, Complete, Subject, Submitted (date), 120th Day (date), Case Name (text), Case # (number 11 characters), Owner, Due Date (date).

I also tried this with a Group Task List, but the categories (fields) don't save back to the group task schedule. Which made me think I needed to create a form. Any thoughts?