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    Add Menu to XL Worksheet (Windows 2000 - XP)

    Hi, Does anyone know how I could add a pull down menu to a spreadsheet. I do not want to use a data verification box unless it can be made to look like a regular pull down menu, nor a custom menu in the excel tool bar. What I am looking for is an always visible pull down menu right on the work sheet to replace a bunch of messy radio buttons, check boxes and control boxes. Please give me your suggestions if you can help. Thank you

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    Re: Add Menu to XL Worksheet (Windows 2000 - XP)

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    You can place a combo box on the worksheet from the Forms toolbar, or from the Control Toolbox. The one from the Forms toolbar is slighty easier to use. If you right-click it and select Format Control from the popup menu, you can set the input range (the range of cells used to populate the dropdown list) and the linked cell. The linked cell will contain the index of the selected item (i.e. if the user clicks the 3rd item in the list, the linked cell will contain 3)

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