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    Tiny taskbar (XP home - SP2)

    I have a new monitor (flat), and am running 1280 X 1024, which works great for some fine work I'm doing. But, it reduced everything else to tiny proportions which are almost invisible.
    After some fiddling I got the Desktop changed by making the Icons 48, and the Icon text 14. Sadly, that hasn't changed the rest of the things like taskbar, right-click menus, and all the other
    stuff that's Windows. Where can I find the adjustments for the regular text, taskbars, etc.,????
    I've checked Properties and those screens, Windows explorer, but couldn't find anything there, so I'm lost. Thanks for past help.

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    Re: Tiny taskbar (XP home - SP2)

    Instead of changing individual items, try changing the dpi setting:
    - Open the Display Properties control panel.
    - Activate the Settings tab.
    - Click Advanced...
    - Activate the General tab.
    - Select Large (120 dpi) from the DPI setting dropdown.
    - OK your way out.

    (See Microsoft Windows XP - Increase or decrease the size of objects and text on your screen)

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