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    Find unmatched query (access 2000)

    can you help me build un unmatched query ? I cannot use the wizard because it has not been installed on my my computer.i have 2 identical tables called gardens and i want to find which trees do nor correspond.

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    Re: Find unmatched query (access 2000)

    - Create a new query in design view.
    - Add the two Gardens tables.
    - Join the two tables on the field that identifies the tree (drag the field from one table to the corresponding field in the other table.
    - Double click the line joining the two tables.
    - Select the option to return all records from the table on the left, and only related records from the table on the right.
    - Add fields from the table on the left to the query grid.
    - Also add the field identifying the tree from the table on the right to the query grid.
    - Clear the "Show" check box for this field.
    - Enter Is Null in the criteria line for this field.
    - Switch to datasheet view.

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