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    Unwanted Windows Network Prompt

    I have a DSL connection, with a permanent IP address, so my
    Win-98 machine is connected to the internet when I boot up.
    I also have VPN software installed, so that I can make a secure connection to my office network, at which time I logon to my company's NT domain.
    However, before I get the Win-98 desktop, I get a popup message that 'No Domain Controller is available ...', and then the Win-NT logon dialog box. I have to cancel both before I can get to the local machine desktop.
    Even though my Network settings specify Windows logon (not Windows Networking) as my primary logon, I havn't been able to get these dialog boxes to go away.
    Anyone know where to look to correct this?

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    Re: Unwanted Windows Network Prompt

    in the networking applet in control panel, what is on the tab for network logons? do you have that set to logon to the network - or do you have mapped drives etc?

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    Re: Unwanted Windows Network Prompt

    I have default logon set to "Windows Logon". I do map drives when I connect to the office, but none are set to automatically map after logon.

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