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    Scheduleing database (97)

    I have created a very small scheduling system and now the boss wants to make some changes. Currently, if you need to schedule a class for 3 days, you have to enter each day separately. I need some assistance on how to schedule 3 days ( or more) at one time. She does not like doing each day individually. I would like to put a start date and ending date and then let the database populate all the other fields. I also need for it to jump over the weekends. We do not work on the weekends. I may have a class on Tues, Thur and the following Tues.

    Any ideas! You guys are always so helpful.

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    Re: Scheduleing database (97)

    If you have a class on Tuesday, Thursday and the following Tuesday, I don't see how the dates could be generated automatically from a specified start date and ending date.

    The attached database shpws how to create a series of contiguous dates (excluding weekend days, not taking holidays into account). It's just meant as a demo, not as a finished application.

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