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    XP Pro Tablet Edition? (SP2)

    Am contemplating buying a tablet computer this time around. I use XP Pro.

    Does XP Tablet edition have Pro features or is XP Pro tablet compatible? Can standard XP Pro simply upgrade a standard XP Tablet edition or is separate parallel software required?

    I am starting to get confused with just where XP Tablet edition fits between XP Home, XP Pro apart from the obvious stylus features. I notice there is also now an XP Multi Media version.

    Is a Tablet computer appropriate for an XP Pro user with an appropriate video capability? (.NET programming)

    Throwing 64 bit and dual processors into the mix, is duo 64 bit compatibility available in Tablet/Pro form?

    I like the tablet concept for entering diagrams and script, and as an alternative to a mouse. It also seems a good option for stroke victim nerds of my aquaintance who only have the use of their right hand.

    I have experimented with a separate tablet device but found the capture rate inadequate for normal speed script and the amplification of ones motions from small tablet area to large screen area too distorting to be practical for diagrams and sketches. I understand that tablet polling is much faster than USB tablet device polling which treats the device as a mouse?

    Any insights and experience from tablet users, especially for Pro applications gratefully received,



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    Re: XP Pro Tablet Edition? (SP2)

    You can start here: Five editions of Windows XP compared. There are links on the left to each edition for more detailed information.

    MS says that "Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 is Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Service Pack 2 with additional technologies. "

    You can not upgrade to a Tablet. You must buy a new Tablet PC - see How to Buy a Tablet PC for more information.


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