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    Kill Database (2002 SP3)

    I have a front-end database that allows the user to select the particular back-end database to work on from among several. From time to time he would like to be able to delete a particular backend database and create a new one. The Kill statement almost always works. However, if the database he would like to delete is attached, even though I de-link it from the front-end, it seems to still be opened by Access ( I get an in use by another user and can see the LDB file in Explorer). How can I go about releaseing the delinked database so that it may be killed?

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    Re: Kill Database (2002 SP3)

    If the .ldb file is still there, the backend is still in use, so either this frontend still has some kind of connection to it - perhaps a recordset opened on a backend table that has not been closed? - or another user has the backend in use. (This assumes that nobody recently crashed out of the frontend)

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