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    MS Query debug (Excel 2003)

    I am trying to use the Query tool to access an Access database on our server (local.) I had success with one database but when I went to another one, I got the "not a valid path" and etc. I built the path using the Wizard, so I don't understand why they tell me it is invalid. But I also cannot seem to see the Table inside the mdb, just the queries. That's when I get that message. My question is how do I go about determining what is wrong? That query has alot of applicability here, wehre we dump alot into Access. We're just starting to figure it out. TYIA

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    Re: MS Query debug (Excel 2003)

    I've noticed that sometimes the tables and queries in the first database in the folder are displayed instead of the tables and queries in the selected database. Try the various options in the Data | Get External Data submenu to see if they work better. And sometimes you get an Options... button that lets you specify what is displayed (tables, queries or both).

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