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    stratified lottery (2003)

    Here's what I need to do. We are mandated by law to hold an lottery for admission. It needs to be stratified (weighted) to maintain racial/gender balance to the sourrounding areas. Currently we do this by hand, Pulling a number, then checking ethnicity and sibilings, writing o paper until we reach that goal. If the goal cannot be reached using the process, then all remaining entrants are placed depending on the order they were pulled.
    The remainder applicants are then placed on a waiting list.

    I would like to create a spread sheet where all applicants can be randomly pulled based on the criteria, to make it weighted. HOw do I do that in excel?

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    Re: stratified lottery (2003)

    > HOw do I do that in excel?

    You already posted that question in Excel: <post:=566,530>post 566,530</post:>, so I will lock this thread.

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