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    Major 'iespell' update today

    ieSpell, that indispensable spell checker for IE and related browsers has been updated today. And of course, it is 100% <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15>

    Homepage, information, download, etc., here:

    <big>Change History</big>

    The following list reflects the changes that were made to ieSpell in all its previous releases (up to and including the current release). They are listed in reverse chronological order.

    2.2.0 (build 647) (released 27th March 2006)

    <UL><LI>NEW - Multi-language support! The core application has been revamped to support localization. i.e. Not only will you be able to spell check in other languages, the UI itself will displayed in that language. We will be releasing language packs for the various European languages shortly. (starting with French)
    <LI>NEW - Users now have the option to choose their preferred online reference dictionary to check the meaning of an unknown word.
    <LI>NEW - Users can add on their own online reference dictionaries to the list provided.
    <LI>NEW - Users can choose to show or hide the ieSpell items in the browser's right click context menu. (This feature is especially useful for users with multiple logon accounts on a PC as the default install only sets up the right click options for the windows account that performed the install.)
    <LI>NEW - Users now have the option to remove all the custom dictionaries during the uninstall process.
    <LI>NEW - Check write permissions on custom dictionaries, if its READONLY, disable the add/delete function in the edit custom dic dialog.
    <LI>FIX - Checkdocumentnode does not work for INPUT type=text elements.
    <LI>FIX - IE7 beta2 does not show the word highlighted until the doc is forced to redraw. This is considered a temporary fix as contents in a DIV tag are still not refreshed by this fix. We are monitoring the developments over at the Microsoft camp and will provide a more comprehensive fix closer to the IE7 launch date.
    <LI>FIX - If user click on OPTIONS in the validator dialog and return to the check, they will lose the initial context (e.g. usingCheckDocumentNode).[/list]Jeff
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    Re: Major 'iespell' update today

    Thanks, a useful utility to have (along with SpellBound for Firefox and Aspell for Opera)

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