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    System fonts (XP SR1)

    I have been exploring all the fonts lurking and installed on my computer as a result of my work as a technical writer. Suddenly, without warning and without any deliberate action on my part, after spending some time exploring using Bitstream Font Navigator, compliments of Corel Draw, I find that the main system font has changed to a bold typeface.

    Can someone tell me where I need to go in Windows to take charge again?

    Thanks, Geoff

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    Re: System fonts (XP SR1)

    Well, I think this is a place to start. On an empty space on your desktop, right-click and select Properties, then select Appearance. Click the Advanced button and you should see a screen similar to the attachment. You'll have to take a look at the various elements in the dropdown to see if you can spot anything. In my example, I "think" Tahoma is the principle font for Windows but I've not dabbled with this problem before.

    BTW, you've probably had this suggestion already but you really should consider updating to SP2 and patches since then, for your own safety if nothing else. FWIW...

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