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    Adress De-duplication

    Is there a way to use excel tot de-duplicate different adress-files?

    I checked on

    I think a can use the option used under the header
    'Extracting Unique Entries' but I believe that you then can only check on one value. I want to check on multiple entries like postcode, pobox number and company name.

    Is this possible or do I have to do such things in Access (which I'm not good at)

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    Re: Adress De-duplication

    There are lots of threads here about checking for duplicates, but one that might work is to create a new column containing the concatenation of the separate entries;
    eg putting in A1 the formula
    where B1 contains POBox, C1 contains Postcode, D1 contains CompanyName for instance would give a string with them all together. You can get fancy and use =A1&", "&B1&", "&C1 but this just makes it easier to read, not necessarily to use.

    Then you can check the duplicates on this single column

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