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    References (Office 11)

    We are in the process of upgrading from Office 10 to 11 at work in a fully protected environment. We have a mission critical spreadsheet (1 of many but this is the only one with problems) with code, forms, etc.

    For some reason this spreadsheet starts running as soon as it is opened. I tried holding the Shift key down a la Access but this didn't stop the code running. Hitting Ctrl>Break didn't stop it, nor clicking the Reset button etc etc. Therefore, the code will not run correctly as the references are still pointing to Office 10 and we want to reset them to Office 11.

    Has anyone got an idea?



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    Re: References (Office 11)

    If you're not prompted whether to enable macros, macro security is probably set to Low. Set it to Medium (in Tools | Macro | Security...), then open the workbook and click Disable Macros in the Security Warning dialog. You can then edit VBA.

    Note: usually, references are updated automatically when moving to a newer version.

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