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    mark-ups won't print (Office 2003 SR2)

    I am sending Word documents by email to a collegue for comment. The documents are marked up with "Track Changes". My collegue tells me that when she prints the document the insertions and deletions disapear.

    I suspect that this because of some setting in word, but it might be in the printer set up.

    Can you please offer some suggestions.

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    Re: mark-ups won't print (Office 2003 SR2)

    In the Print dialog, there is a drop-down labeled "print what." Your colleague should print the document "showing markup" in order to show the changes (otherwise, the document will print as though the changes were accepted).

    Second, the display of changes can vary from computer to computer based on the user's settings under Tools>Options..., Track Changes tab. See what you can learn about your colleague's settings there and suggest that she match them with yours to see whether the document prints the same way for her as it does for you.

    (Note that Word 2003 might be different than earlier versions.)

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