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    Multiple Java Versions (IE6)

    I am running into a problem with a few of my users. In order to access a specific Corporate site they need to run JAVA version 1.4.1 or better. I have been asked to set a few of them up to also access a specific secure State site that requires 1.4.0.

    The State site won't function with 1.4.1 and the Corp site doesn't work with 1.4.0.

    I have been doing some research and apparently multiple versions of Java can co-exist but I have not found how to make it so that one site would use one version and another site a different version. One forum mentioned creating seperate instances of IE and that the application being opened should know what version to look for.

    Any thoughts, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Multiple Java Versions (IE6)

    When I look for my installed ActiveX controls in IE, they are displayed in the folder "C:WINDOWSDownloaded Program Files" which would appear to be shared rather than limited to a particular user. The JRE 1.4 objects have a size of 0 bytes, which is strange, and there appear to be two different GUIDs that presumably lead to more information in the registry. I did not follow the trail.

    Is it possible that Sun might have an article on this on a support site somewhere? It sounds as though the problem might not be infrequent, although most people probably don't get an intelligible error message in cases like this.

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