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    Best View (03' SP2)

    I know this is a loaded question and to a degree depends on what one is PMing, but what is your favorite view gantt, detail gantt, etc?

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    Re: Best View (03' SP2)

    I think one of the best things you can know about Project is how to use the views available to you in order to analyze the data you have entered into it so here are the ones I use the most.

    Gantt chart and Detail Gantt chart when I am putting the project together
    A split view of Gantt chart over Task form for assigning resources
    Detail Gantt and Resource Usage for resolving resource conflicts and schedule conflicts
    Tracking Gantt during the tracking phase with the tracking table
    Task Usage with the Actual Work detail added to the right pane for updating

    You can make a view toolbar for easy table and view changes by:
    View, Toolbars, Customize
    Create a New toolbar
    Go to the Commands tab and select the View catagory
    In the View catagory scroll to the bottom of the of the associated commands list and there will be 2 dropdown boxes
    Drag the dropdown list for Tables and the dropdown list for views to the new toolbar.
    I will also usually add from the Tracking category the statistics button.
    This will give you a very easy way to select table and view combinations.


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