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    Changes between pivot table columns (Excel 2003)

    I have a Pivot Table with accounts as rows, an amount as data, with months as columns, based upon an underlying table of reports by company by account, one for each of the months. So now I want to show the "january-february" change in a column between the January and February account totals, and similarly a "Feb-Mar" change in a column between those two periods. I attempted a Calculated field with no success so far. Is this the appropriate way to do this? Not sure. It can't be a calcuated field because 1-06 and 2-06 and 3-06 are in the Month field.

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    Re: Changes between pivot table columns (Excel 2003)

    Not quite what you want, but the nearest I can think of:
    - Click in the pivot table
    - Select Pivot Table | Wizard... from the pivot table toolbar.
    - Click Layout.
    - Add the Amount field a second time to the Data area.
    - Double click the new field.
    - Select Options...
    - Select % Difference with from the dropdown box.
    - Select Month as base field, and (previous) as base item.
    - Click OK.
    - Click Finish.
    - Drag the grey Data button to the right of Month (it may take more than one attempt to get it right)

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