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    Help creating a letterhead template (Word 2000)

    We want to create a Word 2000 template that is a facsimile of our letterhead. This involves placing text and a seal in the header and placing certain information on the left hand side of the page, outside of the margin. We want to be able to lock both the content and position of these elements. We can work with the header to place the seal and the header text but are unsure how best to position the content to go on the left hand side of the page. Is a text box or a frame better? Are there other options? We are also unsure how to lock the content in either location.

    Any help is appreciated

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    Re: Help creating a letterhead template (Word 2000)

    A frame in the header displays as a grey rectangle if you're not editing the headers/footers, so a text box is better, I think.

    You could create a small section in the document that is protected for forms. This will disable editing the headers and footers and hence the text box in the header. However, lots of other features are disabled in a protected document too; this may not be acceptable. If so, you'll have to leave the document unprotected and hope that the users won't accidentally modify the text box.

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