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    referencing a control on a subform (Access 2K, Win 2KPro, SQL Server 2K)

    Is there something special about referencing a subform control on another form? I have tried to set the value in Form A to various fields in a form X, which works, but when i try to do this with subform Y on X, I get the #NAME? thing. also, are there any issues with displaying data from one form in another form to be considered? for example, if the form/subform is loaded and displays some record, if I am linking into that form from another form, will the link display the data from the loaded form, will to show the data displayed on the form rather than the target data i want to display on the separate form? and, lastly, is there a reason to use forms rather than tables for re-displaying info in a separate form?

    sorry for all the questions... I've been working on a couple of problems all day involving creating form for handling various pieces of data in different tables and am trying to find a way to get everything working consistently and logically.

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    Re: referencing a control on a subform (Access 2K, Win 2KPro, SQL Server 2

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