We are trying to find a way to allow our users to change the default display behaviour of comment / review balloons in Microsoft Word 2003.

We want users to be able to change the default setting to what ever they want and have those settings "stick" between sessions.

For some reason the default always reverts back to Show Balloons -> Always when the user logs back into Word.

Note our users use Print Layout Mode most of the time to compose their document. Normal layout I know eliminates the balloon option from the Show Review toolbar.

So here are the options a user can choose from. We want them to be able to choose what ever they want an have it "stick".

1. Show Balloons --> Always
2. Show Ballons --> Never
3. Show Balloons --> Only for Comments / Formatting

I hope this makes sense.

I was hoping to use a group policy / Office 2003 adm template to make this change but I am open to any suggestions. I have also explored the Policy Wizard in the Office 2003 Resource kit for post installation changes to the settings in Word.

Thanks again for any input to this one.

John Falloon